Apple MacBook with Touchscreen

It seems like Apple may be changing their stance on a feature that has long been a major difference between iPads and MacBook.

Apple MacBook with Touchscreen

It seems like Apple may be considering adding touchscreens to their MacBook laptops finally after years of not wanting to. According to Bloomberg the company is actively working on this project and possibly moving away from their usual stance of not including touchscreens on their desktop systems.

We heard some rumors that Apple could be launching MacBooks with touchscreens as early as 2025 as part of a new MacBook Pro lineup. According to a report from Bloomberg this update could also mean that the company is planning to switch from LCD to OLED displays for their 14-inch and 16-inch Pro models.

Recently Bloomberg reported that Apple is working on creating its own screens for the Apple Watch and iPhone. However it did not seem to mention anything about the company making screens for their Mac lineup.

Apple has always stood by their claim that MacBooks do not require a touchscreen and have instead suggested that people try using an iPad if they are looking for a larger device with a touchscreen.. The closest they have ever come to including a touchscreen on a Mac was adding the TouchBar on the keyboard which is now being phased out on their MacBook Pros.

Apple has long maintained that the iPad is the best touchscreen computer on the market. However if the company plans to launch MacBooks with touchscreens, they may have to shift away from that narrative. Meanwhile Apple’s competitors, including Microsoft, have already released a variety of touchscreen laptops.

It’s worth noting that Steve Jobs, the co-founder of Apple, famously called touchscreens on laptops “ergonomically terrible” back in 2010. He argued that “Touch surfaces don’t want to be vertical. It gives a great demo, but after a short period, you start to fatigue, and after an extended period, your arm wants to fall off. It doesn’t work; it’s ergonomically terrible.” But technology has advanced a lot since then and Apple has also introduced products like the Apple Pencil, another product idea that Steve Jobs hated.

More recently Apple Senior VP Craig Federighi also referred to touchscreen PCs as experiments and said he is not into touchscreens.

On the positive side if Apple goes ahead with this plan, iOS apps on MacBooks could work better. The company first introduced Project Catalyst in 2020 to bring iOS apps to desktop systems.

It is a tricky situation for Apple as the company has been making its iPads more powerful in recent years, giving them desktop-class processors, decent add-on keyboards, and adding desktop features on the iPadOS. So if they decide to sell both iPads and MacBooks with touchscreens they will need to maintain enough differentiation between the two lineups.

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