Apple Watch Series 8 New Features!

Here are some of the best features coming to the new apple watch series 8 and as a little heads up the apple watch series 8 actually has the same body style design screen size as the previous generation the apple watch series 7.

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Apple Watch series 8

Apple reveals Apple Watch Series 8 and its features

As always, we have swim proof, dust proofing and crack resistance. In addition to all of the main sensors like ECG, Sleep tracking. There’s a couple new ones the first one being a temperature sensor mostly for women’s health.

SOS services in Apple Watch Series 8


In addition to fall detection and SOS emergency calling, there’s a new crash detection feature. So if you are someone in a car and crash in a remote area, your apple watch can automatically call SOS services as well as contact your emergency contacts. It enables that through a new accelerometer that can detect up to 256 gs. So maybe useful to some f1 drivers that get into crashes. But really cool to see that being implemented obviously that’s a safety feature. You never want that to happen to you but having that peace of mind that that’s built into your apple watch. I think is one of those key features of safety that make the apple watch so successful.

Low Power Mode in Apple Watch series 8


Even with all these sensors running in the background the apple watch series 8 can still do all day battery life but it also has a new low power mode just like you see on your iPhones. Just to extend that a little bit because if you are on say long haul flights if you forget your charger for the night, you can always toggle that to switch and you can get that extra juice to last you until you can dock your watch again.

International Roaming on Apple Watch series 8


You can now do International roaming on your Apple Watch series 8.

Build Quality And available colors of Apple Watch series 8


It’s available in four colors so the Midnight, Starlight silver, Gold and Product Red. All 100% recycled aluminum stainless steel. You’ve got the three silver graphite and gold and the Nike apple watch edition with some new faces to get updated. Now finally in apple watch OS 9 you can use those sacred Nike watch faces across any of the models. A new Herme’s watch face for all of you fancy people and that is pretty much Apple watch series 8.


Honestly just from initially seeing this it seems like a minor update. You still have the same design same display and a lot of the changes are coming to the new sensor. So if you don’t need things like temperature, if you don’t need crash detection, if you don’t need that low power mode and they do start at 399$ and 499$ for the GPS cellular.

You can order them today and officially available on September 16th.

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What new features does the Apple Watch 8 have?

Heart rate monitoring: The Apple Watch can measure your heart rate and alert you if it detects an unusually high or low heart rate.
Activity tracking: The Apple Watch can track your daily activity, including steps taken, calories burned, and exercise minutes.
Sleep tracking: Some models include the ability to track the user’s sleep by measuring the quality and duration of sleep
ECG monitoring: ECG (Electrocardiogram) sensor allows user to take ECG from their wrist, and the results are then used to indicate any signs of Atrial Fibrillation (AFib)
Fall detection: Apple Watch will send an alert if it detects a hard fall, allowing the user to initiate a call to emergency services if needed
Swimproof: Most recent models are water resistant enough to be worn while swimming
Cellular Connectivity: Some models include cellular connectivity, allowing the user to make calls and send texts without needing a nearby iPhone
Siri integration: Users can ask Siri, Apple’s virtual assistant, to set reminders, make phone calls, send text messages, and more, hands-free.
App Store: The Apple Watch has its own App Store, where users can download and install third-party apps.
Other features such as Watch faces, navigation, workout tracking, and more

Is the Apple Watch Series 8 worth it?

The Apple Watch Series 8 may include new features and improvements over the Series 7, such as a faster processor, improved battery life, and new health and fitness sensors. Additionally, there could be new software capabilities such as new watchOS version with new features and improvements, and new watch faces and watch bands. If the new features and capabilities of the Series 8 align with your needs and preferences, and you feel like the upgrade is worth the cost, then it may be a good idea to consider upgrading.
On the other hand, If you are satisfied with the features and capabilities of your Series 7, and you do not see a need for the new features or improvements offered by the Series 8, then it may not be worth upgrading. It is also worth considering the cost of upgrading, as well as the overall cost-benefit of upgrading.

How long does Apple Watch 8 battery last?

18 hours
Apple Watch battery life is estimated up to 18 hours with typical usage, with the ability to last up to 3 hours of talk time, 6 hours of outdoor workout, or 6 hours of audio playback.

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