Can I use Apple watch with Android?

Many people has asked if they Can use an Apple Watch with an Android phones. Well, lets find out whether your Smart phone of Samsung, OnePlus, or Google, or what Android version it is running is compatible with Apple watch or not.

Can I use Apple watch with Android

How to connect Apple Watch to Android without iPhone

However, You can set up your Apple Watch using an iPhone for fitness tracking and other basic purposes, but you’ll still need to use an Android phone as your main device.

Apple’s watchOS and Android’s Wear OS are built for different devices. Apple watches work directly with iOS-powered iPhones but those with Android phones cannot connect to them. Some 3rd party companies have already solved this issue by creating a hardware module that includes some device drivers and a connection bridge that currently supports a variety of devices. An example is the Pela Modulo released in November last year by Finnish company, Tomolt International.

Hardware is not everything these days as operating systems such as iOS and Android bring significant differences to the table. Samsung Android users, for example, will not be able to utilize certain apps that are available on the Apple Watch and vice versa.

The watch hardware has some features that are exclusively available when it is paired with an iPhone. Case in point: “Nightstand Mode” where the Face Display rotates ninety degrees to become a proper bedside alarm clock, granting more space for watch face complications without hitting the side of your bag or case.

In terms of functionality in each OS, iOS does have a larger pool of third party applications than any other platform today and this makes it possible for developers to create programs specifically designed for viewing on Apple Watch such as heart rate monitors, calorie counters and altitude meters.

The Apple Watch can not be used with Android devices, so if you want to use it as a standalone smartwatch, you need to purchase the cellular variant. This will allow you to do more with your watch. You must also need an iPhone to set up your new Apple Watch. The watch cannot be configured with an Android phone or even an iPad. You will need to use your own iPhone to set up the new Apple Watch because it will be associated with the device’s Apple ID. Any old iPhone that is still supported by Apple will work. This means you cannot use your friend’s iPhone to set up your Apple watch.

While configuring the cellular connection on your watch, make sure your Android phone is switched off. After you’ve connected and set up the Apple Watch, go ahead and install all of your important and favourite applications on it. The best thing is that you can install new apps directly from the App Store on the Apple Watch while connected to a cellular network. It does not require your iPhone. Many apps will send you notifications even if your iPhone is turned off, but for some apps you will need to have your iPhone turned on and connected to the internet. These apps are called “standalone” apps. Some of the apps that come with the watchOS are not standalone, which means that the watch needs to be connected to the iPhone to work. This is also why you should not use an Apple Watch with GPS.

Most apps can’t be used on the watch and you won’t receive any notifications from them, but a cellular connection will help the smartwatch acquire faster GPS locks. This is useful when tracking outdoor activities.

Please note that, depending on your mobile operator, you may have to pay an extra fee for the watch’s cellular connection. You can now wear your Apple Watch also using your Android phone without any interrupt. Because the two devices cannot connect, you will not receive notifications from your Android phone on your Apple Watch. However, standalone apps on the smartwatch that only need an internet connection would work just fine. You can use this setup to track your daily steps and workout routines, and stream music to your earbuds via the watch.

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