Can i use iPhone while charging

The iPhone has become an indispensable part of our lives due to its powerful features, portability, and convenience. One of the most common questions asked about the iPhone is whether or not it is safe to use while it is charging.

Can i use iphone while charging

Can I use my iPhone while it’s charging? Is it bad for my iPhone in any way? Is it bad for the battery or any of the other internal components or not? Can I use it without a problem? Well I’m gonna answer that question in this article. let’s get started.

It is safe to use iPhone while it is charging

So I get this question quite a lot. Actually It is safe to use while it is charging? and the answer is yes. But you got to be careful with a few things. It’s not just plug and play and start using. Because if you don’t pay attention to some details, you may actually damage your iPhone and the biggest issue here is temperature and I’m talking about the iPhone temperature. So if your iPhone gets hot, if you feel the heat really especially from the back of the phone, if your iPhone gets pretty hot while you’re charging it and using it then that’s a bad sign and you shouldn’t be using it.

Does using phone while charging affect battery life

Again I’m talking about the temperature on the phone itself. I’m not talking about the temperature of the power brick of the wall adapter. Because that gets hot it is common. If you feel hot especially the back of the phone, because it’s closer to the battery and it gets really hot you shouldn’t be using your phone. You should just like lock the screen leave it leave it charging and don’t play with it. The problem is lithium-ion batteries don’t like extreme temperatures. So they don’t like very very hot temperatures and they don’t like very very cold temperatures,

It is very common that you’re using a very power hungry application like a game or something like that. So those apps on their own already demand quite a lot from the processor and the battery and if you’re using those apps while you’re charging then it’s very likely that your battery is going to get very hot and again lithium ion batteries don’t like getting very hot. So over time this is going to be very bad for your battery. You can actually see on iPhone settings > Battery > Battery Health, this maximum capacity is going to go down quite fast if you do that often. So use your iPhone while it’s charging while the iphone is very very hot. The maximum capacity will go down much faster and on extreme circumstances you can actually get warnings.

Temperature warning saying that your iPhone needs to cool down before you can use it. Keep in mind that you shouldn’t wait to see this warning to stop using your phone. No, don’t wait for this warning, because again that’s on very extreme scenarios. If again you’re using your iPhone while it’s charging, you feel the back and you just feel that’s pretty hot. It’s getting very hot just stop. You either stop charging or you stop using the app just stop that’s going to be very bad for your battery.

What kind of Problem occur on use of iPhone while it is charging

If you’re charging your iPhone and using it at the same time, it’s going to charge at a much slower rate. Because of course it’s going to be feeding the battery so charging the battery but also feeding the processor and everything else to make your iPhone run and to make those applications and those tasks run. So if you really want to charge your iPhone faster, you should just turn it off. I mean just lock the screen pretty much and leave it charging. Because the power is going to go straight to the battery instead of going to the battery and also feed in all the other apps and tasks.

How to avoid slow charging problem on iPhone

Last but not least let’s talk about the accessories you’re using. Because everything I’m talking about in this article, I’m considering that you’re using authentic accessories. So you’re using an authentic data cable and are using an authentic power brick. So use only apple original accessories. Because if you’re not, if you’re using like fake ones, replicas or anything like that I can’t guarantee you anything. I can’t guarantee you that even charging while the phone is turned off is safe. Because like fake accessories, not authentic accessories can’t be guaranteed by anyone. So if you want to take advantage of all of that and again everything that I’m talking about in this post is considering this use of authentic accessories. Only by using authentic accessories you were guaranteeing that you’re going to have a safe experience for the accessories themselves and of course for your iPhone.

wrapping up

So that’s pretty much it guys. Hope you enjoyed this article and found your answer of using your iPhone while it is charging but please be careful with everything I mentioned throughout the article, temperature and especially the authentic accessories. if you’re doing that , if you’re paying attention to that, there won’t be any harm to your iPhone or to its battery at all. You can rest assured that your iPhone is going to be really safe.

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