Can someone Hack my iPhone through Text messages

Phone security is big concern, from hackers to spies, anyone and everyone wants to gain access to your phone without your consent. It doesn’t matter what device you are using – iPhone or Android, but today we decide to discuss the problem of iPhone.

can someone hack my iPhone through text messages

Can someone hack my iPhone through text messages? These are some important questions that we do ask ourselves today on the social media and the technological world. Is it possible that with just a text message someone can get access to my iPhone or hack me? Today i have got all the answers for you on this platform. Not only the answers but the reality in that right.

Some people think that it is possible to hack into their iPhone through text messages. However, this is not true. The only way to get access to someone’s iPhone is by physically accessing the device and downloading a hacking application onto the phone.

People used to seeing warnings on social media about hackers who get access to your account by sending you a text message. This warning is actually referring to hackers who send you an SMS message with a link which leads you to download malware onto your phone which then gives them access to your data, passwords and more. This type of hacking does not work on iPhones because Apple has made it so that all SMS messages are encrypted and cannot be read in transit without the correct password, making it impossible for anyone other than the person receiving the message from the sender can read it.

The reason why hackers’ targeting iOS devices is mushrooming and there’s a number of reasons for that. That’s where Apple does a much better job because it actually has the code base, which makes police pursue cases more effectively as well.

With the invention of smartphones, hackers are adapting to new platforms. This is why the issue with smartphone hacks is still relevant for most people, even those who have not had the chance to use one.

With text messages being used as one of the many ways that data is being mined by hackers, this problem has become a lot more real when you look at how frequent text messaging is. This can be seen on both sides of it when looking at how easy it is for someone else to hack your iPhone with a series of texts you send or receive.

How can someone just text me and my iphone get hacked? This is a true story just to think of it, If this word just a text message can get your phone compromise or hacked then we are non-massive, there is a pretty scary word right. Now the answer is no.

They might not be able to access personal photos or messages but hackers could update twitter, Tinder or any other app through text. Since a string of text messages carries much less information from than SMS data, spoof texts can also be a damaging in gaining access to personal devices like an iPhone or other text-enabled phones. While it may be impossible for someone to hack into your phone through texts or read your memes, hackers could update Twitter and Tinder – opening them for new vulnerabilities.

Just a test message cannot get your phone hacked. But there’s so much things into that. If someone just call you with an anonymous call or foreign number or a number that you don’t know much about and the person just call you, sometimes this is how they can hack you with that. The number one thing that they can do to hack you is they will get some information from you. Either they will tell you true social engineering attack as their mission and the vision goes. They will just tell you that maybe they are working with some corporate organization or they are working with your bank and they are trying to do some certain things on it for you. They’ve sent you some code or some kind of link. Through some code or link they will send to you that’s one of the way. With just one minute two minute call or just some few seconds it’s hard for them to hack you or even get some information about you. What they can do is normally if they hijack your account, they can hijack your account for some time. When they call you they hijack the account then background you’ll be doing some of your work today. But as what they can also do with your phone or true calling is.

To stay safe, one can always turn on the two-factor authentication. The two-factor authentication will enable one to text a passcode that is sent to your verified number to read any messages. This ensures that no message will be received until someone has entered their password, even if the phone can’t be reliably protected against hacking, because an attacker might still be able to intercept it.

Sometimes we have something called same boxing. Now that’s what they do, they will try to speak or get something we call the insider attack from the service provider that you have your service with and what they do is they will call you then they try to use your number and they will just divert your number from there and it gets to them. So assuming they are doing a password reset on your number then it gets to them and that one they need an insider to do that and that one is quite not easy and simple for them to do.

Now you are wondering that if just a text message can review your location then yes because a test message that’ll come on your phone every time and then all those things we need what we call if a first time i click or someone just click on something. So assuming i want to track you watching me, what i can do is i will just send you something in text message. When you click on it I get you. But whatever if you don’t click on it. So the issue here is that unless there’s a first time something done today further has come to you. Someone send you a picture or a link you. If you click on it, that one they can really do something about it. But just a message on your whatsapp in your facebook and other places would hardly for them to be able to detect your place

However because of technological advancement we have other advanced technology that they can do and they cannot just do it alone. They will have to sort for other resources from the service provider that you are working with. So just a phone call normally that one if it’s a government agency or it’s a high time investigation then it’s fine but your boyfriend your girlfriend will just calling you or testing you it’s hard for them to really get your location or hack you.

Now to have someone or to get someone phone all devices this is what they do. The first one i said is the phishing link. They do through the fishing links they send you something to click on it or they send you something to open and then they get you. So that is the first one. The next one is three malicious apps. They would influence you or lie to you or find a way to entice you to download a malicious app on your mobile phone. Most of those apps are being trickey. So you wouldn’t know that you downloaded a malicious code or malicious app and then they get you. So that is another one true malicious code and in there to the apps that we download sometimes we might download aspire app, a keylogger or other stuffs.

Now we have something we call remote assets or backdoor assets that’s what they use the rat and that one we have one very powerful spine that is called Pegasus. It is hard for an individual to own Pegasus or to buy. So don’t worry about that. Normally Pegasus is one of the expensive super expensive spy app that we find ourselves. so don’t worry much about it.

So what do you have to do always is make sure that the links that you click, the images that you open, you know where it’s coming from. that’s the first one. Now the second one is make sure that you regularly update your devices. Because when you update your devices automatically fix whatever has been changed on your phone.

Aside that make sure that you download all your apps all your software’s from Apple store. That is where some of the apps have been verified to see that it’s right but even that is 80%. Because sometimes these frosted hackers are able to develop apps that has even not be easily to detect. So we have to be very careful about that.

wrapping up

So aside you doing all those all that things then i believe that you should be fine. If not you have to follow us for more educative content. Hope that is it your question has been answered is it easy or can someone hack my iPhone through text messages? The answer is with just a mere text a mere call cannot get you hacked but when there’s an action after that when you click on it, when you click on the on a picture sent to you or when it’s calling when they call you, you’re able to give them some answer. Anytime someone call you an anonymous call, you just pick the call and you don’t hear the person drop the line Because if you keep them on the line for a very long time you might not know the kind of people and they are working with. They can easily track you or get your location. That is possible but that one i said is with high level of intelligence and high level of sophisticated machines to use. It’s not something that a boyfriend or girlfriend can just do. Unless you are involved in at that high level of crime and they want to find you. But believe in me this technological world you cannot hide yourself. You cannot run away so anything that you do today on the technological world. Be very careful be very wise, because today if they want to find you, we can get you. Anyone who want to find you they can get you when you used smartphone. Even when you use a yam phone they can still find you. So be very careful what you do on the internet today and let’s all stay safe.

If you want to know more about security how you can protect yourself, how you can protect your email, your social media accounts, then visit our website regularly. If you like this article please comment below. Thank you so much.

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