How To Convert and translate Any Text From an Image

In this Digital era Text translation technique have come a long way. From any signboard or image of unknown language you can extract text and translate it to make it readable and editable.

In this Article we discuss some easy technique to scan images and convert and also translate into text. If you are in a unknown country, by the help of our article you can read write and understand their language in just a few steps. So Lets begin How To Convert and translate Any Text From an Image

How To Convert, and translate Any Text From an Image

How To Scan an Image and Convert Any Language To Written Translated Text .

Optical character recognition known OCR in short is a pattern recognition AI-based pattern recognition technology to identify any text inside an image and turn it into editable digital document. In this technology you can convert any kind of digital data like bank statement, invoices, receipts or any image form of text into editable text. Optical character recognition (OCR) software can help you to make it easy for you .You just need a mobile or a laptop or Pc.

There are a good deal of software and application who use OCR technology to extract text from images. When you want to extract text from images convert on a PC, phone, or Laptop, these software or application helps you.

In this article we discuss multiple Optical character recognition (OCR) software and application that help you extract text form images on different devices, Depending on your need, one of these tools should work for you.

Translate Text from Image, books and more Using Google Lens

Now you can instantly  translate text from any images or sign board  without installing any app on your smartphone separately.  You just use  the native Google Lens feature to  translated any written text on any images, books or signboard. Here’s some step to follow how you can do so :

1. Tap on the Google Lens icon in your Google Search Widget.  If your device doesn’t have it natively, you can install the Google Lens app on your smartphone

Google Lens icon
Google Lens app

2. Next, tap on the Search with your Camera button and switch to the Text tab to scan the text in your image.

Search with your Camera button
Text tab

3. Tap on the Select all button to select all the scanned text and press the Translate icon.

Select all button
Translate icon

4. You can now view the translated written text from your scanned image. Copy this text anywhere to use it as per your convenience.

translated text

Translate text on Image written in any Language to your preferred language Using Google Docs

Google Docs features a built-in translator to generate and translate written text for any uploaded image or document quickly in just a few clicks. To get started, Then, you can follow these steps:

1. Open Google drive on your browser and click on New then file upload.

Google drive

2. Upload an image with text in any language to your Google Drive.

google drive

3. Right-click on your uploaded image and open it with Google Docs.

open with Google Docs

4. The text present in your uploaded image will be automatically extract into written text below the image with the help of OCR technology.

extract into written text below the image

5. To translate this written text into your preferred language, go to the Tools tab and choose Translate Document option.

Translate Document option

6. Choose the target language and press  Translate button to view the written text in your  language.

the target language and press Translate button

Now you are successfully extract and translated written text present in your image using Google Docs.

successfully extract and translated text present in your image using Google Docs

Translate Image Text written in any Language to your preferred language using Google Translate App on Android and iPhone

If you want to extract text from any images, sign board or any  real life object and translate into  your own language, then you can install Google Translate app on your smart phone and  follow these easy steps :

1. Install Google Translate app on your smartphone and open the app .

Install Google Translate app
open google translate app

2. Tap on the Camera button in the bottom-right corner to open the scanner.

Camera button

3.  Point your smartphone towards the image or object whose text you want to extract and press the Scan button to grab it.

4. Highlight the scanned text that you want to translate and press the arrow icon to configure more settings.

Scan button
Highlight the scanned text

5. Choose your preferred language for the scanned text to be translated into your language.

6. After that You can now view the translated  text on your smartphone.

Choose your preferred language
Choose your preferred language

7. You can copy this translated text and tap on the Share button to share it using different apps.

8. You can also paste and save the entire text as a text file on your smartphone using any text editing app like Note.

copy and share
share it using different apps

Use the Live Text feature copy and translate text from photos on your iPhone

With iOS 15 and later, you can instantly scan text from photos and translate it into your language for better understanding using its Live Text feature. You can also use this feature to translate text in your preferred language.

1. Open the Camera app on your iPhone and point your camera at a photo or image with unknown text.

2. On the bottom-right corner the Live Text button will appear.

3. Tap on the button to activate the Live Text feature on your iPhone.

Live Text button

4. After that long-press on the scanned text.

5. Tap on the Select All button.

6. Tap the Translate button to translate all the selected text into your language.

select all

7. Tap on the Copy Translation button to copy all the translated text and paste and save it inside your text editing app or share it anywhere you want.


Use Copyfish Chrome Extension to translate text from any image.

If you need to extract text from images, videos online, then the Copyfish Extension is for you. Copyfish extract text from any image or photo captured from your screen into an editable format of text. Without typing  you can easily use it in digital documents. Here’s some step to follow how to use it.

1. Search Copyfish in Chrome Web Store on Chrome browser.

2. Click on the search result.

copyfish extension

3. Click on Add to chrome to install the extension on crome browser.

add to chrome

4. Open an image in your Chrome browser and right-click on it to scan the image with Copyfish extension.


5. Now this extension scan the image to extrace text using the OCR technology.

6. After all the text is generated, click on the Google Translate icon on the bottom-right corner to translate the text into your preferred language.


7. Now click on the Copy button to copy all the translated text and save it in a notepad or use it as your wish.

Wrapping up

That’s all for the how to convert and translate any text from an image on your pc and smart phone. I hope this article helps you. If you like our post and its help you to easily convert and translate text from images to your own language, then share this post with your friends and family to help them to solve their problems. Please comment bellow to share your experience and stay connected with us for more trouble shooting and how to fix solutions.

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