How to View and Delete YouTube Watch History

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How to View and Delete YouTube Watch History

How to clear YouTube Watch History

Although it may not be well known, there are other methods of managing your personal data besides Google, Facebook, and voice assistants. There are also many websites that record and share your data with these giants. One example is YouTube – a Google-owned website that stores users’ activities, including comments, likes, searches, and most recently viewed videos. What many people don’t know is that you can view and delete your YouTube watch and search history. In this article, we’ll show you how to view, pause and delete your YouTube watch history with a few simple steps.

The reason why YouTube saves watch history?

YouTube’s number one goal is to keep users engaged on the platform by suggesting content that is relevant and interesting to them. To do this, YouTube uses algorithms that take into account a variety of factors, including a user’s watch history.

Maintaining a record of the videos users watch helps YouTube recommend content that will keep them engaged. However, disabling or deleting YouTube watch history can degrade the quality of recommendations. On the other hand, it can also reduce targeted advertising.

How To View and Delete YouTube Watch History

The Watch History feature on YouTube is a great way to quickly find a recently watched video that you want to watch again. The dedicated search button lets you quickly search for videos in your watch history, and you can delete your watch history if you want. Users can view and delete their YouTube watch history from the mobile app or YouTube website.

How to View and Delete Youtube Watch History on your Smartphone

1. Open YouTube app on your smartphone.

2. Tap on Library bottom Right corner of your device.

3. Now you can see your YouTube watch history.

4. Search video that you want to delete from your history

The red line on the video thumbnail indicates the video’s length that you are watching. You can remove a video from your watch history by swiping left and clicking REMOVE.

You can also delete or clear all your YouTube watch history completely from your smartphone follow these steps:

1. Open Youtube app on your Smartphone.

2. Tap on profile icon on the YouTube home screen.

3. Scroll down and Tap on Settings.

4. Now Tap on History and Privacy

5. Tap on  Clear watch history.

6. Now Tap on CLEAR WATCH HISTORY on the new screen. 

You have now successfully deleted your all YouTube watch history.

How to View and Delete Youtube Watch History Using YouTube Website on your Computer or Laptop

You can also delete or clear your YouTube watch history completely on your Desktop or laptop. To do so follow these step.

1. Open on your Desktop or Laptop Browser.

2. Sign in to Youtube with your Google account.

3. Click on the Three line menu at the top right side of your screen.

4. Click on History.

5. Now search that specific video you want to delete.

6. Hover your cursor over the video and click on the X icon to delete that video.

If you want to clear your YouTube watch history completely follow these step:

1. Open on your Desktop or Laptop Browser.

2. Sign in to Youtube with your Google account.

3. Click on the Three line menu at the top right side of your screen.

4. Click on History.

5. Now click on the CLEAR ALL WATCH HISTORY button.

6. On the new pup-up window click on the CLEAR WATCH HISTORY.

Congratulations on deleting or clearing your YouTube watch history. Unfortunately, YouTube will continue to record any new videos you watch in your Watch History. However, you can use Google’s auto-delete feature to automate this process and save yourself some time in the future.

Auto-delete YouTube Watch History

YouTube’s auto-delete feature is a great way to keep your watch history clean and concise. This means that while your watch history is available for a set period of time, it will be automatically deleted after a certain amount of time has passed.

Note: If you perform this step, it will also delete other aspects of your YouTube history – like your search history.

To activate an auto-delete for YouTube watch history, follow these step bellow:

1. Open on your browser.

2. Click on YouTube History on your screen.

3. Scroll down to Auto-delete and click on Choose an Auto-delete option. ( By default, auto delete is off )

4. Now select Auto-delete activity older then.

5. Choose from the drop-down menu how often you want your YouTube history to be cleared.

6. After that click on Next button visible bottom right corner of your screen.

7. On the next screen click on Conform to save the task and then click on Ok to finished.

YouTube will now automatically delete your history on a regular basis, depending on the duration you choose.

How to Pause YouTube Watch History on Smartphones

The “Pause watch history” feature on YouTube is a great option to use if you don’t want any of your watching activity to be recorded. As the name suggests, this feature pauses your YouTube history and doesn’t record any new videos you watch while it’s enabled. Your video and channel recommendations won’t become less accurate when you use this feature.

Pause YouTube watch History on Android/iOS Smartphone

1. Open YouTube App on your device.

2. Tap on profile icon.

3. Scroll down and tap on Settings.

4. Now History and Privacy

5. Turn ON Pause watch history.

6. On the new window Tap on PAUSE button.

Your watch history will no longer be saved. Click TURN OFF to unpause your watch history.

How to Pause YouTube watch History on YouTube Website on Desktop or Laptop

1. Open on your Desktop or Laptop Browser.

2. Sign in to Youtube with your Google account.

3. Click on the Three line menu at the top right side of your screen.

4. Click on History.

5. Now select  PAUSE WATCH HISTORY and click on Pause

YouTube is no longer keeping track of your watch history. In other words, you won’t have to clear your watch history anymore! While this new feature may seem great at first, it actually has its drawbacks that we mentioned earlier.

Wrapping Up

We hope this article helped you in managing your YouTube watch history. If you were successful in viewing and deleting your YouTube watch history, please let us know in the comments below.


Q: How to delete your YouTube Watch History on Android?

A: Follow the steps mentioned in the above to delete YouTube Watch History on Android phones.

Q: Where can I find recently viewed YouTube Shorts?

A: YouTube’s new Shorts feature is perfect for watching quick, short-form videos. With Shorts, you don’t need to install a separate app or visit a website – you can just watch them right on YouTube. Plus, your watch history for Shorts is available in the same place as your regular YouTube watch history, so you can easily keep track of the videos you’ve watched recently.

Q: How long dose YouTube keep search history?

A: By default, auto-delete will be set to 36 months for new accounts or when YouTube history is activated for the first time. However, these defaults can be changed in the user’s settings so that auto-delete is deactivated or the time frame is set to three months.

Q: Does YouTube automatically delete watch history?

A: For accounts created after 2020, YouTube automatically deletes the watch history after 36 months (3 years). However, users can change this timeframe from their settings, or even pause or disable YouTube watch history altogether if they choose to.

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