How to View LinkedIn Profile Secretly

LinkedIn is a widely used professional networking site. However, many users are unaware that when you visit someone’s profile, they are notified of the same. Similarly, if you visit someone’s profile, you will receive a notification. There are times when you may want to view a LinkedIn profile anonymously. Here are easy ways to do so.

How to View LinkedIn Profile Secretly

Best Ways to View LinkedIn Profile Secretly

In this article, we’ll show you quick and easy ways to view someone’s LinkedIn profile without them knowing. So let’s get started.

Enable Private Mode on LinkedIn App on your Smartphone (Android, iOS)

LinkedIn’s mobile app lacks a clear categorization of your privacy settings, but you can still control what information is hidden and visible. To access your Private Mode settings, follow these simple steps:

Tap on your Profile Picture > Settings > Visibility > Profile Viewing Options > choose Private Mode

Now, you can view someone’s profile without notifying them, but you also won’t be able to see when someone views or visit to your profile.

Enable Private Mode On Your Computer or Laptop

LinkedIn offers a private mode feature to help safeguard the privacy of its users. By enabling private mode, LinkedIn members can browse other profiles without their activity being made visible to others. To enable private mode on your Computer or Laptop, follow the steps below.

click on your LinkedIn profile picture > Settings and Privacy >  Visibility tab > click on Profile Viewing Options > choose Private Mode.

Now you can choose to view someone’s profile without without notifying them.

( Please note that if you enable private mode, you will also not be able to see if someone visits your profile).

Wrapping Up

these are the simple and best ways that you can view someone’s LinkedIn profile without without notifying them. If you found this article helpful, make sure to share it with your friends. For other useful tech tips and tricks, check out the links below. Stay tuned to for more great tips and tricks like this one.

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