Why iPhone 14 will be BETTER than you think!


iPhone 14

Today we’ve got more great news on the Apple iPhone 14 along with confirmations of the specs  and price. If you’re a fan of Apple let me know in the comments what phone you plan to buy next.

1. Price Increase

iPhone 14 price increase The iPhone 14 will unfortunately be increasing in cost but to be honest this was always to be expected. Well the iPhones are selling very well at blasting reduced sales in other electronics. So it’s thought that  the average price of the iPhone 14 is likely to take a hit. Apple did well at not Rising the iPhone prices last year but it’s expected that the average cost of the iPhone 14 is going to rise by 100 $.

2. Display Upgrade

display upgrade iPhone 14 it’s going to be getting a big display upgrade and it’s  going to be for all models the iPhone 14 and 14 Max displays are going to be supplied by Samsung and a new report from the elect states that they’re going to be using ltps backplanes with the new M11 material set now this is the same that’s used in the s22 plus as well as the ultra displays and they are incredible panels. When it comes to the iPhone 14 pro and the 14  pro Max these are going to be using ltpo displays and they’re actually going to be using Samsung’s new M12 material set now. This is going to be a big improvement over last year’s displays and the M12 set has not been used yet but it is going to make its debut in the fold this month.

3. Always On Display

The iPhone 14 pro models are going to feature always on display. This is thanks to new code found in the latest Xcode 14 beta. Steve Moser tweeted a preview of the always on display and as you can see it shows the time  the date and it even looks like we do have support for widgets. There was also a new feature found which hints at a sleep state for your wallpapers. So instead of just text on a black display it’s  going to be a dulled down version of your normal wallpaper. Apple track also posted this video that shows us the technology in action that’s going to be interesting to see how much additional battery  that this consumes.

4. Hardware Upgrade

iPhone 14 hardware Despite using old Hardware the non-pro iPhone 14 models are still going to have performance boosts over the predecessors. Apple have got a new cellular modem with a new internal design and to be honest this had to be the case with  no improvements over the predecessor. There would  just be no reason to buy it.

5. Ram Upgrade

iPhone 14 ram The non-pro iPhone 14 models are also going to be seeing a ram upgrade to six gigabytes instead of four and the iPhone 14s are expected to use less power overall. So battery life is also going to be improved.

High iPhone 14 Sales

iPhone 14 sales Apple is predicting a lot more sales for the iPhone 14 series and because of this they have started at production early as  well as diversifying their supply chain to meet the new demands in the current climate. Many were worried about difficulties in getting hold of the new iPhone, but according to all of the reports Apple are on schedule and the only device that could see a delay is the new iPhone 14 Max.  Apple is also trying to encourage Android users to make the switch to iPhones. They have even posted a new  video to show you just how easy it is to switch from Android to iOS. When using the new move to IOS app that can be found on the Play Store now. Overall the iPhone 14 is going to be a great device where there aren’t huge design changes from the predecessor. When it comes to the Pro Models that we are going to be getting a much better chipset, even faster memory, a big upgrade to the camera and the new punch hole camera design. Now they have worked on refining an already popular  model instead of completely redesigning it and I can see why they are predicting higher sales now.  For those of you excited for the Apple iPhone 14 series though we are now going to run through the full specs design and the expected pricing for   each model in the range.

iPhone 14

1. With the iPhone 14 we get a 6.1 inch super  retina OLED display.  2. It is expected to be an 1170×2532 resolution. 3. It’s a 90 Hz display. There is a chance that it could still be 60 Hz on the front. 4. We will  be getting a 12 megapixel selfie camera but unlike the Pro Models we will have a notch instead of a  punch hole camera on the rear. 5. It is looking like a dual camera setup while early rumors suggested a lidar scanner that’s unfortunately not going to be the case.  6. The dual camera setup is going to consist of a wide angle and an ultra wide camera and the phone is going to be powered by the a15 bionic that we saw last year. Although it will likely be modified slightly and it may still come under an a16 model name. 7. It is going to be coming with six gigabytes of RAM and a choice of 128 256 or 512  storage.  8. The phone will be powered by a 3279 mAh battery with improved fast charging likely to be around 25 watts.  9. It is expected to support both Wireless and reverse wireless charging. 10. It is also expected  to come with 5G, Wi-Fi 6, Bluetooth 5.2 and Ultra wideband support. It will of course ship the new iOS 16. 11. When it comes to pricing we are expecting a slight increase due to higher component costs. So we are expecting the base model to start from 899 $.

iPhone 14 pro

 1. With the iPhone 14 pro we get a 6.1 inch promotion OLED display. 2. It’s a 120 hz ltpo display with a resolution of 1170×2532 which gives us 440 ppi on the front. 3. We get 12 megapixel wide angle camera with face ID sensors embedded in the display. 4. On the rear we get a triple camera setup consisting of a 48 megapixel wide angle as the primary, a 12 megapixel Ultra wide and a 12 megapixel telephoto and of course we get the additional lidar scanner. 5. The phone is  going to be powered up by the a16 bionic. 6. It’s expected that it’s going to come with a choice   of 8 gb of RAM, 128, 256, 512 and 1 terabytes of storage. 7. The phone is going to be powered up by a 3240 mah battery with improved fast charging likely to be 25 watts.  8. It’s expected  to support both Wireless and reverse wireless charging. 9. It’s also expected to come with 5G, Wi-Fi 6, Bluetooth 5.2 and Ultra wide band support. 10. It’s going to chip with iOS 16  11. The base model of the iPhone 14 pro is expected to start from 1099 $.

iPhone 14 Max

iPhone 14 max specification  So next up we have got the new edition which is the iPhone 14 Max. The Specifications of this phone are 1. The iPhone 14 Max is expected to come with a 6.7 inch super retina OLED display.   2. It’s coming with a resolution of 1284×2778. While some sources are claiming it’s a 90 Hz display there is still a chance it could be a 60hz panel on the front. 3. We get a 12 megapixel selfie camera and on this model we also have a notch. 4. On the rear we get a 12 megapixel wide angle as the primary and another 12 megapixel Ultra wide but unfortunately there will not be a lidar scanner. 5. The phone is going to be powered by last year’s a15 bionic. Although it will be slightly modified and they could still Market it as the a16 chipset. 6. The phone comes with six gigabytes of RAM  and a choice of 128, 256 or 512 gb of internal storage. 7. The iPhone 14 Max is going to be powered by a 4352 mah battery again with fast charging likely to be 25 watts 8. It’s expected to support both Wireless and reverse wireless charging. 9. It’s also going to come with 5G, Wi-Fi 6, Bluetooth 5.2 and Ultra wide band support. 10. It is going to be chipping with iOS 16. 11.When it comes to pricing we expect the iPhone 14 Max to start from 999 $ .

iPhone 14 pro Max

iPhone 14 pro Max Now finally we’ve got the top end model the iPhone 14 pro Max. Specifications of iPhone 14 pro Max are 1. The iPhone 14 pro Max is coming with a 6.7 inch promotion OLED display.  2. We are expecting a 120 hz ltpo  display with a resolution of 1284×2778 giving us 458 ppi. 3. On the front we get a 12 megapixel Punch hole selfie camera with face ID under the display.  4. On the rear it’s the triple camera setup and a lidar scanner. The triple camera consists of a 48 megapixel wide angle a 12 megapixel Ultra wide and a 12 megapixel telephoto. 5. The phone’s going to be powered up by the a16 bionic. 6. It’s expected that it is going to come with a choice of 8 gb of RAM, 128, 256, 512 or 1 terabyte storage. 7. The phone is going to be powered by a 4352 milliamp hour battery with improved fast charging likely to be 25 watts.  8. It is likely to support both Wireless and reverse wireless charging. 9. It’s expected to come with 5G, Wi-Fi 6, Bluetooth 5.2 and Ultra wideband support. 10. It will of course chip with iOS 16. 11. The base model of the iPhone 14 pro Max is expected to launch from 1199 $ and of course the highest storage variants will cost more. So overall the iPhone 14 is looking incredible and it’s great to finally see some drastic design changes. In terms of the  hardware they have already got a good setup going. So focusing on design is a good move. Of course the iPhone 14 series is going to be launching in September 22


Q1. Is Apple making an iPhone 14? A. Yes it’s already in production. Q2. What day is the iPhone 14 coming out? A. iPhone 14 series is going to be launching in September 22. Q3. Is iPhone 14 coming out 2022? A. Yes, iPhone 14 series is going to be launching in September 22. Q4. How much will the iPhone 14 cost? A. Between 899$ to 1199$ depend upon models. Q5. iPhone 14 lineup rumors: Will there still be four phones? A. Yes Q6. iPhone 14 rumors: Will there be a SIM card? A. Yes

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