Michael Cera Explained Why He Chooses to Avoid Smartphones and Social Media

Michael Cera is a well-known actor who has managed to stay out of the spotlight when he’s not on the set of his latest project. In a recent interview with The Hollywood Reporter, he shared why he chooses to reject modern cellphone technology and keep his private life extremely private.

Michael Cera

Avoiding Too Much Socializing

Michael Cera’s choice to opt out of social media is largely due to his dislike of too much socializing. He’s just not interested in it. While everyone around him is constantly checking their phones, he prefers to remain unplugged.

Fear of Losing Control

The actor also admits that he doesn’t have a smartphone because he fears losing control of his waking life. This fear began when Blackberries were first introduced and a friend spent an entire meal typing away on one. Michael found it lonely and boring and decided that he didn’t want to be that person.

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Being Sensitive and Uncomfortable in the Limelight

Michael Cera’s choice to avoid social media and smartphones may have an impact on his career. He understands that if a project requires a huge social media presence, he may not be considered. But he’s okay with that.

The actor is generally uncomfortable in the limelight and has always been a sensitive person. He’s very sensitive to the people he meets and their energies, and he admits that he’s just not cut out for that level of interaction with so many different types of people.

Envy from Others

Michael Cera says that for many years, people resented him for his lifestyle choice. But now people say they envy it. He believes that being an actor and a people person is a personality type, and he just doesn’t have the makeup for it.


Michael Cera’s choice to avoid social media and smartphones may seem unconventional, but it’s a lifestyle that works for him. He’s not interested in too much socializing and prefers to remain unplugged. While his choice may impact his career, he’s okay with missing out on opportunities that require a huge social media presence. Ultimately, it’s important to find a lifestyle that works for you and makes you happy.

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