Microsoft Xbox is killing Playstation!

microsoft xbox killing playstation

Microsoft Xbox vs Sony PlayStation

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Microsoft is a simple company. It wants nothing more than to have its acquisition of giant gaming publisher Activision Blizzard approved by Regulators. So it can continue to grow its little near Monopoly on popular franchises in peace.

Sony naturally is not on board and has submitted complaints to the UK competition regulator investigating the merger. Sony’s concerned that Call of Duty players on PlayStation might jump ship. Even if Microsoft doesn’t make the franchise XBox exclusive because they wouldn’t want to miss out on the types of PlayStation exclusive Cod content that Sony offered for years.

When Sony does it it’s different. Microsoft in turn complained that Sony is influencing regulator’s investigations and besides there are over twice as many PlayStation consoles out there than Xboxes. So couldn’t Sony afford to lose a few Gamers. I mean they’re Gamers Michael what could they cost ten dollars.

Meanwhile the CEO of Take-Two weighed in with an interesting point about all of this. He said “Microsoft is an ally of ours, and if this makes their business more powerful, we think that’s good for us”. He has said more powerful in other Microsoft news the company unveiled three new service devices this morning. Although the word new they are maybe doing more work than usual.

The new Surface Pro 9

The new Surface Pro 9
Image Credit: Google

The Surface Pro X line is dead. As a distinct arm powered product separate from the mainstream surface Pro. The new Surface Pro 9 can be configured with an Intel 12th gen CPU or a Microsoft sq3 processor, which is if the sq1 and sq2 were any indicate station essentially a Qualcomm Snapdragon 8cx gen 3.

Microsoft also unveiled a new Surface laptop 5 and that new was in Brackets. Because the laptop itself appears almost identical to its predecessor except for an upgraded Intel 12th gen processors and sadly no AMD option like last time. There’s new colors. It looks different. They’re gorgeous don’t they have a green color now. Microsoft also updated the internals on the surface Studio 2 plus but only with 11th gen processors. So you can buy a machine with a core i7 11370h and a laptop RTX 3060 for 4300 US dollars.

The Quest Pro

Image Credit: Google

If you’re someone who just you know does things for attention and Meta held their connect conference on 12 October 2022. The Awkward party where Zuckerberg tries over an hour to convince you to play VR with him. His company made a whole new headset called The Quest Pro and you got to admit it’s got pretty impressive specs. It’s powered by a new Snapdragon xr2 plus chip more memory and storage plus new controllers with cameras of their own at a price of 1500 US Dollars.

Though this thing isn’t primarily for gaming, it’s being positioned as a work device as long as you only have one to two hours of work to do. Because that’s how long the battery lasts.

Microsoft’s bringing teams office windows and Xbox game pass to the quest platform which may make more sense. If the rumors about the HoloLens losing steam are true.

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