10 Next Level Inventions You didn’t think were POSSIBLE!

next level inventions

Hello Friends, today I will tell you some such techniques and next level inventions, which you may find unbelievable in hearing right now and they are actually going to be seen in real life very soon.

1. LiFi


Li-fi : The next level inventions

I am following the this technology for many years and it is coming somewhere on the finalizing stages. Microsoft is also working on this and this tech name LiFI. At the Present we use WiFi to use the internet but in future we may use LiFi for internet. If you see now your modem use 2.4 GHz to 5.0 GHz but this technology will give us LiFI internet through light, then imagine we will get 100 times faster internet compares with the current standard through a light bulb. The full Form of LiFI is LIGHT FIDILITY and currently you are using WiFi which is WIRELESS FIDILITY. Let me explain in little details. Our wifi in current use radio waves which cannot give us speed so fast. A time will come that its limitations will be that, we cannot take more speed than this frequency. LiFi will use light source to provide internet to us and it will be very fast but some limitation is also seen inside this LiFi. Imagine if there is a light source above your head then you will get internet and if you go somewhere else there is no light, its range will not be available in that area. But in current technology of WiFi we get internet any where in WiFi range.


If there are big buildings and all the glasses on it are converted into transparent solar panels, then how much renewal energy will be available to us. Researchers have to say about this tech that if its full potential is taken, then we will get 40% of the energy of AMERICA through this. No doubt this is one of the revolutionary technology. In this technology there will not be any changes in the aesthetic of your house because  everyone uses windows at home and in return we are getting renewal energy.  This tech is one of the Fantastic Futuristic Tech.


This technology is solving a huge problem, maybe you would know this thing that drinking water is slowly running out in the world. To eliminate this problem, a product has been made Kara Pure. Actually,  this product comes in unbelievable category because this machine which can make water from air. This product is designed by Codi Soodeen and it is a US based company and this company claims that the water make from air will be 9.2ph which is very suitable for our body. This machine also adds seven minerals in the water such as calcium, magnesium, zinc and many more, which is very good for our immune system.       There is another claim from this company that this machine can make 10 liters of water in a day. This machine does not just work as a water dispenser, it can perform two more functions, like you can use it like an air purifier or you can use it like an air humidifier. No doubt, this product is very revolutionary and imagine there are some places where there is a shortage of water, on that area how useful this product will be.


The next tech is really mind blowing. Its name is EXOSKELETONS. You can understand the technology of Exoskeletons like Iron Man. We will get different suits which can preform different actions. One thing has  to be said that the suit of Iron Man looks very passionate in appearance. With these Exoskeletons technology, they are also creating different different suits for our body. The basic motive of this technique is to enhance our biological capabilities and save injuries. Example: a powerful man can lift 100 kg. When he wears Exoskeletons, he can go up to 200 kilograms. So think how much more helpful it can be in industrial use. So you can preform unbelievable  things. You can climb the stair by lifting a very heavy item and your strength will also be less and the chances of injury will also be negligible. It may be used in the army in the future, because this thing is one of the extra ordinary things.


Next Let’s talk about PADRONE RING. Currently we use the mouse to move the cursor in the computer. But with Pedro ring, you will have a ring in your hand which will work as your mouse through

some camera sensors and different sensors. In short you don’t need a mouse, you have to wear this ring in your hand and you can use it as a mouse. If you move your index finger, the cursor will also move. If you want to click left then you have to double tap with your index finger and if you want to click right then you have to double tap with your middle finger, if you want to scroll, then you have to swipe up and down with two fingers. Just imagine friends, if you are traveling and you will not need to carry such a big mouse. Just put one ring on your index finger and you can do all your work without mouse. It is also necessary to tell you that it works well on flat surface only. And it has already become ready available in market.


 Before the next invention, you take a thought that all the food waste material we have in our house, we throw it in the dustbin, Imagine some product comes out of it. Now a company is working on this thing. They have made a product REENCLE COMPOSTER. This product is used to make fertilizer by using wastage food. Example: When we do not throw the food waste generated at home in the dustbin and put it in this reencle composter, it will create a fertilizer. The interesting thing in this is that when fertilizer is being made in it and you will put some other food waste in it, the smell will not come from it, plus this machine will give us fertilizer in 2 hours. Its full capacity is 0.7 kg. If you want to take full capacity of fertilizer then it will generate and give it in 24 hours. You may hear that this is not one of the great inventions, actually these little things help in keeping the environment clean. So it is one of the useful inventions.


Now after listening to this invention I will tell, you will feel like it, well we have been hearing about it for a long time. But if I talk to you about Flying Taxi then this actual  concept was showcased at  CES 2019. Now this company is BELL TEXTRON,  it also manufactures many aircrafts, has also made many transport planes. They had shown in the case 2019 that the air taxi which will actually fly in the air and these people are also working on it. This taxi going to be fully electric and also reduce pollution a lot. This company also claim that we can complete the 45 minute journey on the road in just 10 minutes with this taxi.

After this we got to see another concept of a flying car which was from KLEIN VISION in October  2019. STIFIN KLEIN made a flying car. His dream was to make a flying car. The interesting thing here is that it was also prototype successfully tested. The car he had actually took flight and landed successfully. No doubt work is actually going on on the flying car and we will get to see all this in future.


Now this is the next invention, you must have heard multiple times about smart glasses. Actually Google has made it and discontinued it. There is something in this which is not fully functional yet. But there is a company that makes good smart glasses which also give functionality. Its name is INMO AIR AR SMART GLASS. Air comes in its name because it is the world’s lightest smart glass whose weight is only 76 grams. There is also a 720P camera in this smart glasses. Imagine you have gone for a walk with your friends and  you don’t need to get out the phone. You can record videos well with your smart glasses. And through AR in this smart glasses, we also get the functionality of maps. If you are walking then you will see complete navigation in front of your eyes through your smart glasses where you are going. The advantage of this smart glasses that you can screen your favorite movies and TV shows. When you put on these smart glasses, you will feel like there is a big screen in front of you and obviously you can travel at that time if you want. Most important things, we can also answer the call a. You will see that the call has come and you can receive it and you can also talk. You will not have to leave the phone again and again, because you will see the notification in front of your eyes. If I talk about my opinion then I believe that Google had also done something like this in the past and those smart glasses failed. But we have also learned that a product comes before time which looks futuristic, people do not accept it. So I hope in future big brands come with new smart glasses.


Talking about Next Tech, its name is EPSON PAPER LAB. Now imagine that you got a print out in a paper, you can take single use of it. If you want to recycle that paper, this can possible with only  Epson paper lab. This product will take one use printed paper and it will come out through 3 process. Its output is that you will get a plain sheet which you can use again. In fact you can also decide thickness how thick paper you want. This is actually one of the interesting products.


No process of coloring our hair has been innovated till date. Means the same process is going on, it is a long process, you have to apply through the brush and wait. Actually LOREAL is working on a tech. He made a device named COLOR SONIC. The interesting thing is that it also has an APP and whatever color you want to do, select it in the app, then it will send the signal to the device, after that it will take a couple of minutes for that device to produce the color. We get 40 such shades in the app, that’s why it takes a little more time. But steel works very fast then the traditional process. This COLOR SONIC device looks like a brush and you have to apply it on the hair and gradually this color will be applied to your hair. The process of applying color is very simple. You can also take out the cartridge after using it and keep it for later use.

Friends, this article ends here. Tell me in the comment section, what did you find futuristic for?, what are you looking forward to seeing in the future?. Thanks for reading this article.

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