How to delete or Merge Duplicate Contacts on iPhone

delete or merge duplicate contact

How to delete or merge duplicate contacts from your iPhone. So you do not need to delete each contact individually. I know how annoying it is to delete each content individually and that’s why I write article to help you. Do not worry, we will look at the top and best way to fix, delete … Read more

10 Next Level Inventions You didn’t think were POSSIBLE!

Hello Friends, today I will tell you some such techniques and next level inventions, which you may find unbelievable in hearing right now and they are actually going to be seen in real life very soon. 1. LiFi Li-fi : The next level inventions I am following the this technology for many years and it … Read more

What’s new with Android TV and Google TV?

google tv android tv

What’s the difference between Google Tv And Android Tv? In my family, Friday movie nights are a weekly tradition. One of our biggest challenges used to be that we would always spend at least 20 minutes jumping between apps to see what was new and deciding what to watch. But now with Google TV, we can easily browse movies and shows from across our … Read more

Google Pixel Fold 5G Launch Date, Price, Features and Everything We Know so Far!

pixel fold

Google  pixel 6 is a tremendous success. Now google is expanding its inventory with the addition of their own version of the foldable phone. In this article we will cover the design specs launch date and projected price of the google pixel fold 5g. Let’s get started Google Pixel Fold release date, price, features, and news google seeks to … Read more

Why iPhone 14 will be BETTER than you think!


iPhone 14 Today we’ve got more great news on the Apple iPhone 14 along with confirmations of the specs  and price. If you’re a fan of Apple let me know in the comments what phone you plan to buy next. 1. Price Increase The iPhone 14 will unfortunately be increasing in cost but to be honest this was always … Read more

How To Convert and translate Any Text From an Image

How To Convert, and translate Any Text From an Image

In this Digital era Text translation technique have come a long way. From any signboard or image of unknown language you can extract text and translate it to make it readable and editable. In this Article we discuss some easy technique to scan images and convert and also translate into text. If you are in a … Read more