Razer Announces New Ultra light DeathAdder V3 Pro Wireless Gaming Mouse

DeathAdder V3 Pro Wireless Gaming Mouse

New Ultra light DeathAdder V3 Pro Wireless Gaming Mouse

Many people have never liked the original deathadder shape. I felt it was too bulky. The flaring was too much. The finger grooves were too deep and it wasn’t for them and all that’s been fixed. On the new mouse which I think might be one most popular mice in the world. Also they separated the primary clicks away from the main shell leaving all those previous issues from the previous model in the past. I mean hopefully you know, but aside from all the improvements, bluetooth has been removed which I’m fine with but it’s one of those things that you are removing features while increasing the price point. Time to buy the v2 now if that’s your shape

da v2 da v3 pro

Some Important Points About DeathAdder V3 Pro

  • The price of the new DeathAdder v3 Pro or DA V3 Pro $149 usd
  • The weight of this mose is 63 gram weight.
  • All the latest tech from razer including the gen 3 optical switches that feel nice and crispy but are loud. So everything on this mouse is performance focused. 
  • There’s no more rgb on the logo. 
  • The texture is coarse like they are pvt keycaps for excellent grip. 
  • The bottom feet are super smooth.
  •  It charges with usb-C with a large enough opening at the front for other usb-C cables to fit instead of that stupid proprietary connection thing.
  • The dongle is properly labeled with an extension brick included but no way to stash the dongle inside the body of the mouse 
  • The power slash dpi button is at the bottom just like on the viper and the notification led to see your dpi settings is in front of the scroll wheel it is kind of hidden.

da v3 switch

 Build Quality And Design

It is impressive how well this thing is built. There’s absolutely no rattling whatsoever as you move the mouse around. There’s no rattling as you squeeze the mouse at all and just feels like such a better build quality mouse versus previous deathadder v2 that just feels like it’s about to fall apart plus of course the lack of holes is kind of a razor staple while keeping that weight under control. So 63 grams for this mouse size is perfect. But I’m not sure how the rest of the gaming community will perceive it simply because it’s just such a massive departure from the weight of the previous wireless deathadder. But definitely  balance of this mouse is absolutely perfect. There are of course remnants of the original deathadder. 

Starting with the relatively large side buttons the mouse from the left side is very much a DeathAdder but with a higher hump and a higher scroll wheel too the scroll steps are lighter than the viper but it sticks out more on the DeathAdder. The biggest difference is the lack of flaring on the front triggers especially on the right side. So now there’s a comfortable place for fingers. This is a huge plus for hybrid grip style, but also because the finge grooves are not so deep and the overall shape feels more modern. So five minutes with this mouse and you are flying. It is an easy shape to get used to and I would actually prefer the new DeathAdder over the viper for fps. Which might sound strange but I feel like there’s just the right amount of ergonomics in the shape. So you can still go full frame with your flakes and etc.

This new shape does remind of the corsair saber and the x-lite wireless v2. But the slimmer and sharper back section of the razor is much better for those additional wrist movement adjustments and since the mouse can tuck below your palm without bumping into anything. 

Every death outer comes with grip tape. If you really want to rubberize every surface that you make contact with and it really helps to secure the mouse in hand despite having really good coarse texture by default and it also kind of mimics the rubberized texture of the previous that had v2 pro the wireless one of the side grips. So if you’re coming from that and you really like the rubber texture on the sides. This is one way to mimic that nice and also these are not permanent. For example you can put them on, you can take them off a couple of times and  you’ll have a very nice secure mouse in the hand. 

Battery life Of DeathAdder V3 Pro

da v3 battery life

Now the lack of RGB is a huge win for battery life. It’s rated up to 90 hours of continuous usage with of course that sleep timer coming in handy to save on battery life and I’ve been using it for just over a week and I have not been able to kill it unless I’m using the 4k hertz dongle which you can actually see the depreciation of battery life much much faster. It quarters your battery life but the recharge time is three hours zero to a hundred fairly fast. 

So everything is kind of perfect on paper with the new DeathAdder but does it play nice?  Nothing will prepare you  against bush campers but it is definitely one of the very few mouse that immediately felt comfortable and felt one-to-one in terms of your aim at 800 dpi without anything poking you without anything feeling weird on your hybrid grip style and  this is definitely going to be a one of the best mouse for all time.

You find this particularly comfortable because you used your wrist for those finer aim adjustments aside from your elbow and because of this back hump over here it, just slides so well underneath your palm. You’re gonna find this really comfortable. 


da v3 cons

We do have A few complaints though you cannot remap the bottom button to anything else in synapse. just like on the viper and that’s a drawback. If you’re coming from the previous versions of DeathAdder where you had the two buttons and can can assign those to something else outside of dpi. Also the price point 150 bucks for this thing is a bit much right now. Especially in the death outer lineage the previous wireless death adder was 129 dollars. You could pick it up on sales and this should have been in the same price category. So that it would allow people to upgrade without feeling like you’re moving up a ladder and  staying in the same family. Also because mouse like the x-lite V2 wireless exist which is half the price. The stuff from glorious 2 and the economic space and feel like razer is just not taking into account. all the competition that is available, that is wireless and ergonomic and potentially that’s gonna hurt them a little bit. It would have been awesome if the 4khz dongle was included in the $150 price point. 

With the new DeathAdder which by the way pairing is absolutely seamless and you can feel like a very tiny improvement in your click registration and click latency even though don’t have the instruments to test it. It feels a little bit more responsive but having said all that you find it to be an almost perfect ergonomic wireless mouse. It’s super lightweight, very comfortable, no holes, so no gunk over time and feature wise you find it to be know quite future proof and also battery life is good at 90 hours and the potential to connect it to a 4khz dongle. So again giving you the potential to get into more of that competitive scene, but again it’s catering to that really high performance competitive crowd and I’m not sure if the DeathAdder people are them. But you let me know in the comment section what you think of the new DeathAdder V3 Pro. Thanks for reading this article.

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