Samson Switchblade: First Flying Car For The US Market

Have you ever fantasized about flying cars? Hold tight because the Jetsons era is almost here. Samson Sky began constructing a flying automobile prototype 14 years ago and is currently collecting deposits to buy its final model Samson Switchblade. Many companies are striving to create flying automobiles, which is no secret. For example Volkswagen is working on an electric passenger drone prototype called the Flying Tiger. Other carmakers, such as Rolls-Royce and Hyundai, are making similar attempts, but none of them appear to be succeeding.

Samson Switchblade: The First Flying Car For The US Market

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The Samson Switchblade, a fast three-wheeler that can quickly transform into an aircraft, has earned FAA clearance for airworthiness and is currently in the final stages of flight testing. Samson Sky will begin model distribution when they successfully finish the last step. Will this automobile be able to satisfy the technological requirements to conquer both the streets and the skies? How will they control air traffic if people start flying in it? Let’s find out the answers to these questions and learn more about this amazing, science-fiction-like initiative.

The Switchblade is the first commercially available flying car.

Samson Switchblade

We’ve seen numerous idealizations of flying automobiles in futuristic movies and programmes, leading us to believe that owning a flying car in real life was a pipe dream for another day. That, however, is no longer the case. Samson Sky piqued the public’s interest when they announced that the Switchblade, a flying vehicle they’d been working on for over a decade, would be ready for purchase shortly.

The model passed the FAA test, according to the company, which specialized in domestic flying vehicles. With this institutional approval, the only thing left to do is finish the flight tests, and once they do, they will be ready to begin commercializing the model.

There are other flying cars on the market, such as the Jetson One from the Swedish company Jetson, but if all goes according to plan, the Switchblade will be the first flying vehicle on the American market. Before launching on the journey of flying automobiles, Sam Bousfield, Founder and CEO of Samson Sky, was an architect. “An architect is half engineer and half artist, and this is a perfect combination to develop a creative approach when thinking about the design of a flying vehicle,” he says, explaining how his training enabled him to dare to try his luck in the still mainly undiscovered field of flying cars.

Switchblade Specifications

samson switchblade flying-car

“The Switchblade is a three-wheel, street legal vehicle that you drive from your garage to a nearby small airport,” according to Within three minutes, the wings swing out and the tail stretches. You then fly directly to the location in your registered aircraft. You just land, revert to driving mode with your flying sports car’s wings safely stowed and secured, and continue to your final destination.”

They dubbed the Switchblade after the Swiss Army Knife-like appearance of its wings, which deploy to take off or fold to ride simply by pushing a button even while the automobile is running. This machine includes a specific mechanism that disables the dashboard if the user accidentally pushes the switch button during the flight. According to the technical specs, the aircraft can fly at a peak speed of 200 miles per hour and at a height of around 16,500 feet, or over 20,000 metres below where most commercial aeroplanes operate. Although we don’t know much about the vehicle’s specifications, the business says it will have a Samson 190 horsepower liquid-cooled three-cylinder engine with Skybrid technology.

The Price Of Switchblade

The first flying car will cost around $170,000. Those who want to buy the Switchblade may already join up for a waiting list. After the vehicle’s official appearance, customers will have 45 days to pay a US$2,000 deposit to seal the transaction. Although Samson claims that they have already received nearly 2,000 reservations and that expectations are high, there are some reservations about several topics, including the flying regulations that users will be required to follow, or the take-off and landing stations for such private flying machines. Some writers are seriously considering the issue, and in a September story, Jeff Zurschmeide voiced some concerns regarding the competency of American drivers: “Just consider the typical American driver’s ability level and the average American car’s maintenance state, and then ask yourself if you’re really OK with them flying over your house.”

Airspace management projects already exist, however little is available to the public. So, even though the Switchblade is the first flying car about to enter the market, it’s still unclear when and how these vehicles will become a common element of daily transportation.

Despite the uncertainties, the fact that the dream of a flying car is about to come true is not something minor, and perhaps it is the gateway to a new world of vehicles expanding the universe of cars that excites gearheads so much.


How does a flying car work?

A flying car typically uses a combination of traditional aircraft technology, such as wings and an engine, and automotive components, such as wheels and a suspension system, to allow it to both drive on roads and fly through the air. Some flying car concepts, such as the Samson Switchblade, are designed to be operated by a pilot with a private or sport pilot’s license, while others are intended to be fully autonomous.

Is a flying car safe to use?

The safety of a flying car depends on a number of factors, including the design and construction of the vehicle, the skill and experience of the operator, and the maintenance and upkeep of the vehicle. As with any aircraft or motor vehicle, there are risks involved in operating a flying car, and it is important to follow all safety guidelines and procedures when using one.

Can anyone buy a flying car?

Currently, there are no flying cars available for purchase by the general public. Most flying car concepts are still in the development or prototype stage, and it is not yet clear when or if they will be released for sale.

Are flying cars legal to use?

The legality of flying cars varies by location and is dependent on a number of factors, including the specific type of vehicle and the regulations in place for aircraft and motor vehicles in the region. In some cases, flying cars may be subject to both aviation regulations and automotive regulations, and it is important to understand and comply with all applicable laws and regulations before operating a flying car.

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