(Exclusive) Top Home Products Revealed at CES 2023

This year the most intriguing Home Products from CES 2023 focused on the three most important rooms in your house- the kitchen, the bathroom and the bedroom. There were products that made your home life more convenient health conscious and luxurious. All using Tech like AI sensors and more

Top Home Products Revealed at CES 2023

Here are our top Home Products unveiled at CES 2023

LG’s Moodup Refrigerator

LG Moodup Refrigerator

LG’s mood up refrigerator has led doors with 190000 colors and can change in time with your music. The very large kitchen appliance features color changing LED backlit panels that you can customize to coordinate with themes like silver and gold for New Year’s Eve or red and green for Christmas or simply to match your ever-changing kitchen Motif.

Samsung’s AI wall oven

Samsung AI wall oven

Ever wonder if dinner in the oven is ready or maybe if it’s about to burn. Samsung’s new AI wall oven is equipped with an internal camera and technology that can let you check it can even send a photo of the meal straight to social media.

Samsung’s AI Pro cooking algorithm can recognize up to 80 dishes. it can also recommend the best temperature time and mode for cooking then send you notifications to help prevent your food from burning. The oven features a push to open door for a sleeker appearance plus the convenience of nudging the door open with your shoulder when your hands are full. The AI wall oven is part of Samsung’s new bespoke lineup the company introduced at CES 2023.

Blok Smart Cutting Board

Blok Smart Cutting Board

It’s not just smart home appliances CES 2023 showed us that even kitchen gadgets can be upgraded technology. Blok calls its high-tech cutting board the Peloton of the kitchen. say goodbye to covering your laptop keyboard or phone screen with ingredients all while scrolling through a recipe with sticky fingers. The Cutting Board shows off recipes and cooking classes on a 13/20 inch display with a 39$ a month subscription. The screen even detaches for easy cleanup.


u scan

Moving on to the bathroom Health tracking gets a little more intimate with an in-toilet attachable sensor from Withings called u-scan. The sensor can tell you if you’re low in nutrients whether you’re about to ovulate and more all by analyzing your urine. If you’ve ever given a sample in your doctor’s office you know that urine can tell us a lot of important things about your health, if we’re dehydrated, if we’re pregnant, if we have an infection and even the health of some of our organs.

Withings revealed two cartridges for the u-scan to capture these biomarkers. One monitors nutrition and metabolic information, the other tracks menstrual cycles and measures surges of LH or luteinizing hormones



Kohler wants to make your bathroom feel like an at-home Spa by bringing aromatherapy into your shower. in collaboration with sprig Kohler revealed A system that attaches to your shower head and infuses vitamins scents and other good skin stuff into the water using pressed pods.

The system will only function with sprig pods which are available in six calming scents including lavender and Eucalyptus. The Kohler fixture is designed for Kohler shower heads but it can also attach to most other shower heads. So you won’t have to install a whole new shower system to use this spa-like fixture.

Eye tracking sleep mask

somalytics eye tracking sleep mask

The nanotech company somalytics unveiled an eye tracking sleep mask at CES that delivers data on your sleep patterns. The lightweight eye mask uses small capacitive sensors that track your eye movements including rapid eye movement or REM and can detect possible sleep disruptions. The goal of the somalytics wearable is to promote a greater awareness of your sleep quality.

LG Styler shoe care

lg styler shoe care

If you’re a sneaker head, LG Styler shoe care is your high-tech chance to care for your shoes. Slip your sneakers into the locker-like device and through the magic of true steam nozzles and 37 minutes later your shoes are deodorized. A companion Styler shoe case lets you show off your shoes once they’re refreshed.

That’s a wrap for CES 2023 in case you missed the top moments from the show check out TECHMOTECH for everything released at CES 2023.

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