10 Must-Watch Anime About  Ghosts And Spirit

One of the all-time best horror anime, the now- iconic Tokyo Ghoul is an institution in the world of terror

Tokyo Ghoul

 The plot follows a group of students who, after performing a seemingly harmless friendship charm

Corpse Party: Tortured Souls

Drawn to a silent girl, Mei Misaki, and sensing a dangerous vibe, Koichi soon learns of a string of gruesome murders around the school.

Death Parade

Fans of unsettling anime stories will hit the jackpot with Hell Girl

Hell Girl

Mononoke is one of the highest-rated horror anime in history, and it's easy to understand why


SITgurar premSES UTany anime, Death Parade is truly one-of-a-kind

Death Parade

The boys enter the spirit realm, the Unseen World, discovering more about their pasts

Ghost Hound

Ghost Stories remains popular today. The plot concerns a group of schoolchildren who

Ghost Stories

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