3 Things You Probably Didn't Know About the iPhone 14 Pro!

there are three things that apple doesn't tell you about the new iPhone 14 Pro 

 The dynamic Island is a new feature that Apple is introduced with the pin shape notch

But this dynamic Island also works as a multitasking option  

because you can control your music, you can control your voice recording on that from that notch itself

but there are  two problems with this 

Firstly reachability- you won't be able to reach the top to actually touch for actions with ease

and second you will be touching the today camera system continuously coses patches on your camera

 The second things is that  Apple doesn't tell you is that the cool new satellite feature

that sends out an SMS message in case you are in the need of an emergency

 Is available only in US and Canada right now 

The third and final thing as we still don't have USB type-c it's still a lightning port 

and it is a painfully slow lighting port

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