4 new iPhone features from iOS 16

The release of Apple's  iOS 16 will begin on  September 12th.

It is one of the biggest updates  in recent memory and  includes a tonne of new  features, adjustments, and customization choices.

The iPhone new features  are

The Lock Screen now has a new depth perception function, which makes the clock appear to be behind items in the background.

1. Customized Lock Screen

The most welcome change, by far, is the ability to set up multiple Lock Screens or use multiple photos.

There are now three ways to  display notifications, and  they all appear at the bottom  of the screen.

2. A new way to view notifications

List view, Stack view, Count view 

The 3 options are

You can produce a list to keep  track of medications, vitamins  and supplements you take

3. Keep a record of your medications.

Passkeys replace passwords  with cryptographic key  pairs, creating it harder for  cybercriminals to interrupt  into your online accounts.

4. Security with passkey