Apple Maps has come a long way in its decade on the market, but Google Maps has also continued to improve.

In some cases, Apple has even surpassed Google in terms of experience, feature set, and map detail.

At first glance, Apple Maps appears to be nothing more than a map.

Apple Maps has a lot of data as well, but while it uses crowdsourced data like Google, it doesn't source from as many locations.

Apple Maps vs. Google Maps: Directions Both apps excel at providing simple turn-by-turn directions.

You can't keep seeing their ETA and map location while Apple Maps is showing you your own route.

If Apple Maps is your go-to tool for daily navigation and directions, Google is your annual vacation planner.

For those who never want to use a Google product, there are options on Apple's platforms such as third-party apps or built-in Apple Maps functions.

If you live in a city with subway lines, both Apple Maps and Google Maps will most likely provide directions that use those lines.

According to anecdotal evidence, Apple Maps has a good system for getting transit-based directions that even Google cannot match.