Are you true Pokemon Fan? Prove it With this Quiz

apokemon is the 2nd best selling video game franchise. Pokemon has crossed 1 billion mobile game downloads worldwide - atrue fan has a reason for fall for it.

Do You Know?  In Japanese, Bulbasaur is translated to 'Fushigidane.

Do You Know?  Squirtle is also known as Zenigame' in Japan.

Do You Know?  In Japan, Ash Ketchum is also known as 'Satoshi'.

Do You Know?  The Pocket Monsters Red and Green were the first-ever series releases for the Game Boy in Japan in 1996.

Do You Know?  Thunler Shedk 10 There are over 800 Pokemon species today, and the number continues to grow.

Do You Know?  The name Charizard in Japanese translates to 'Lizardon

Do You Know?  Gyarados first appeared in video games: Pokemon Red and Blue and subsequent sequels.

Do You Know?  The name Zapdos in Japanese translates to Thunder.

Do You Know?  The Pokeball is primarily used for catching and storing a Pokemon. Each of the Pokeballs have different catch rates.

Do You Know?  Known as the Balloon Pokémon, Jigglypuff, had sung a lullaby in the Pokemon anime series.

Do You Know?  The Pokedex is a digital encyclopedia created by Professor Oak.

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