Britney Spears blasts her mother Lynne for apology: 'Go f-k yourself.'

After apologizing to the pop diva, Britney Spears told her mother, Lynn Spears, to "go f-k" herself

In a confessional Instagram post on Wednesday, the "Toxic" singer reflected on her years of medical treatment and "Psych Ward" existence, dismissing her family's gesture of atonement once more

"For 13 years, I had to go to physicians on a weekly basis to bring up my history, which made things worse!!!" Brittany began writing her memo

I was the mother F-king saint who was frightened to move because I knew my father would imprison me if I didn't obey... Even in the land of the free, America

The "Crossroads" actor, 40, stated that "years will pass" and her father, Jamie Spears, will still imprison her

"There was not a single mother F-king person that stood up for me!!! Take your apologies and go F-K yourself, Mom!!! "She reached a conclusion. "And to all the physicians for the F-King, I wish that you all burn in hell!!!

Britney's caption is next to a Rita Mae Brown quotation that says, "One of the keys to happiness is lousy memory."

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