"We need NextGen 2.0,"  Denny Hamlin said, joining  numerous other NASCAR  drivers in criticising the  NextGen car's durability.

The Nascar Cup Series  visited Bristol Motor  Speedway for the second  time this year, and several seasoned drivers,

including as Denny Hamlin, discussed the performance  of the next generation  vehicle on a half-mile circuit.

Following the Food City  Dirt Race earlier this  year, the seventh generation  vehicle made its paved  premiere on the Tanesee  course.

The Bass Pro Shops night  race serves as the third  round of the 2022 season  playoffs, with the driver  and team battling to  surpass one another.

 Many drivers, particularly  those who drive Ford  vehicles, experienced  tyre deterioration and  major tyre failure.

 The new generation of stock vehicles also brought to light several technical issues in the field.

issues ranging from engine  failure to power steering  issues.

Denny Hamlin's owners  are far from the only  ones who have commented  on the race.

that occurred on Sunday  following the completion  of 500 rounds of the  race and stated:

"It's not feasible to pass;  it's just a sort of day where  you have to stay in front  of any manner, and we  can't do it."

and finally have a tyre  explode, forcing us to  return and play catch-up  from that point."

Driver #11 Fedex Toyota  Camry TRD bolsters his  allegation on Twitter.

He believes that sports  require a new version of  the next gene, and he  writes:

"We require Nextgen 2.0."  Only time will tell who will  pay." See the following  tweet: Toyota appears to  have a vehicle in addition  to the Ford vehicle.

a rough time in Bristol with  six vehicles that have  various difficulties,

There are 18 in total, ranging  from tyre deterioration to  power steering. The most noticeable issue for  Camry TRD was the engine failure at Toyota  18 Kyle Busch, which forced  him to retire

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