Queen Elizabeth II talks with astronaut Piers Sellers at the Nasa Goddard Spaceflight Center, in 2007 

Credits:( Nasa/Pat Izzo)

Queen Elizabeth's reign spanned the entirety of human spaceflight, 

 And her death has been commemorated by agencies and astronauts all across the world.

During Queen Elizabeth's reign, Voyager 1, the farthest distant man-made object from Earth, was designed, launched, visited Jupiter and Saturn, and exited the solar system.

It is now so far away (14.6 billion miles)

It will not be notified of King Charles III's ascent to the throne until tomorrow.

Nasa, which designed and launched Voyager 1 in 1977, paid homage to Her Majesty as well.

The agency tweeted, Queen Elizabeth II's reign spans all of spaceflight, predating both Sputnik and Explorer 1

'As we join the rest of the world in mourning her death, we are inspired by the interest Her Royal Highness demonstrated to our explorers throughout the years," Nasa officials stated.

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