Hocus Pocus 2 Consummation

It's been a while since the Sanderson Sisters had any new fun in the Hocus Pocus world.

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Despite the best efforts of Bette Midler and others, the extension of the 1993 model was slow.

Winifred Sanderson and her sisters Mary and Sarah attempt to project the Magicae Maxima in the final scenes of Hocus Pocus 2.

Their point is to look for vengeance against the relatives of Reverend Traske

The one who exiled them from Salem as children and unintentionally introduced them to dark magic.

Becca, Izzy, and Cassie, three estranged friends, form an unexpected coven.

After a lengthy time of more than passing fascination with black magic. They rout the Sandersons when they face them.

The big difference is that Hocus Pocus 2's fresh cast of legends truly gets the audience angry about the witches who allegedly tried to devour every child in Salem.

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