Matt Gaetz is asking the government to fund Hurricane Ian disaster relief in Florida

Matt Gaetz encouraged Congress to send financial relief to Florida in a tweet on Sunday

Gaetz stated that he was requesting assistance "on behalf of a fellow Floridian in desperate need."

Gaetz was one of 201 Republicans who voted against a plan that included funding for FEMA

Florida Rep. Matt Gaetz is asking for the United States to provide relief to Floridians in the aftermath of Hurricane Ian,

but he also voted "no" on a bill that included funding for the Federal Emergency Management Agency, or FEMA

Gaetz appealed for aid in a tweet on Sunday after Hurricane Ian hit Florida. When Ian made landfall and pounded the Florida shore, it was a Category 4 hurricane, killing at least 76 people

"Dear Congress: On behalf of my fellow Floridian in desperate need of aid.... Please send us half of what you provided Ukraine. Signed, Your American Compatriots, "Gaetz shared his thoughts on Twitter



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