While the rocket is still on the launch pad, NASA will replace the faulty Artemis 1 hydrogen seal

NASA technicians will replace the faulty seal that caused the hydrogen leak while the Artemis 1 rocket remains on the launch pad.

The second launch attempt of the Artemis 1 mission was cancelled due to a hydrogen leak in a "quick disconnect" interface between the satellite and the ground.

The liquid hydrogen fuel feed line and the Space Launch System (SLS) rocket. While the rocket is still on the launch pad

The leak was caused by a faulty seal, which the space agency will replace

James Free, associate administrator for Exploration Systems Development, stated during a post-scrub press conference that he believes the vehicle will have to be rolled back to the Vehicle Assembly Building (VAB).

because the batteries in the Flight Termination System (FTS) will need to be checked and recharged.

However, both Free and Artemis serve as mission managers.

The final decision, according to Michael Sarafin, will be made by the space agency's Range Flight Safety team

which addresses hazards during spaceflight operations.

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