Assassin's Creed Mirage Confirmed By Ubisoft

The confirmed leak which was confirmed by Ubisoft is that we're going to be getting an assassin's creed game that goes back to the older assassin's creed games

If you take out the assassin's creed part of the game you can still pretty much go through the game

and still have fun with your Viking game or even your spartan game

You can still understand what's going on and it will still feel like the game that they intended to make

The recent games are just completely devoid of anything that has to do with assassins at all well

The new assassin's creed games they're not that bad honestly

You could make a pretty damn good stealthy Assassin's Creed games with the current mechanics of assassin's creed valhalla

Because aside from Assassin's Creed unity which had really great stealth and fantastic parkour

You can use all of these mechanics like the sleep dart or you can use the smoke bomb and so on to be stealthy

But it wasn't stealth like splinter cell, it was pretty close to that but it wasn't as detailed or even games like thief