Nyck de Vries Strongly Feels Colton Herta Should Not Be Allowed Special Entry Into F1

there have been a lot of rumors over the last few days suggesting that red bull are trying to sign indy car driver colton herter for alpha towery

however he does not possess enough points for a super licence and in all probability won't by the start of the 2023 season

A super licence is mandatory for drivers to enter f1

There have been talks of providing him an exemption but a few including Mercedes reserve driver Nicktov Reese aren't too keen on it

Nick while speaking to motorsport started off by explaining why the rules should be adhered to

The rules that have been created for this should simply be complied with

Because besides being frustrating, it's also bad for the system

It could have a negative effect on formula 2 and formula 3.

For Mclaren's Lando Norris the Italian grand prix is always an exciting weekend