Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 4 Quick Review

this is the galaxy Z FOLD 4 it's slimmer thinner and lighter than the previous generation Z FOLD 3

it's got flat sides now and it feels really comfortable

And the in-hand feel is much better

The biggest most important change in the z-fold 4 is that it's got snapdragon 8 plus gen 1 far better performance

And far better power efficiency too

Samsung claims that the crease has now been reduced

But you can definitely feel it when  swiping your thumb across it

The under display selfie camera the inner tablet display is also far less visible

Now another interesting new addition to the Z Fold 4 is the fact that you get android 12

You get a 50 mega primary camera and a proper 3x telephoto

So that was a quick initial review of the Z Fold 4