SpaceX launches 1st of 2 planned weekend night launches

The private space company launched another batch of starling satellites along with a low orbit satellite

The rocket booster has now flown 14 times again that's a record

 The SpaceX company is planning to launch another batch of satellites tomorrow

In case you missed tonight's liftoff for tomorrow night is planned for 10 53

NASA says it has made the repairs needed after its last launch attempt of its artemis one moon rocket

So can finally send its most powerful rocket ever back to the moon

Engineers have replaced the seals to fix a hydrogen leak

They will now spend the weekend inspecting those new seals and seeing when they can try to launch again

Then as soon as next Saturday engineers are going to put the repairs to the test

The next potential launch attempt could be friday september 23rd

With a two-hour launch window starting at 6.47 in the morning 

We'll let you know when NASA makes a final decision