UK firm Bullitt takes on Apple iPhone14 and Elon Musk with satellite phone

With a new satellite-connected device, a British smartphone manufacturer intends to beat  the CEO of Apple and Tesla Elon Musk

The Bullitt phone will automatically connect to one of two worldwide satellite networks if there is no wi-fi or mobile network connectivity

There are rumours that the upcoming iPhone 14 from Apple may have emergency satellite communication.

Users will initially only be able to send and receive text messages using Bullitt's service, which is scheduled to go live in February 2023

If the receiver downloads the Bullitt app, they will be able to respond to the message over SMS.

They can use it for free, but the owner of a Bullitt phone must subscribe to the service on a monthly basis.

It hasn't yet made the device's pictures public

Bullitt claim that its phone will automatically switch to satellite, if there is no other signal anywhere in the world

According to Bullitt co-founder Richard Wharton, the smartphone would be capable of two-way communications through satellite with worldwide coverage