YouTube Is Going to Add Watermark to Downloaded Shorts

YouTube is officially going to be adding a watermark to any downloaded shorts and the internet might not be so happy about it. So what exactly is going on and what do we know so far. In a recent post from the YouTube help community page , a community manager announced that watermarks would be automatically added to the shorts that are downloaded and shared to other platforms. The reasoning behind rolling out this new watermark feature was also included in the reply post. We’ve added a watermark to the show to download it. So your viewers can see that the content you’re sharing across platforms can be found on YouTube shorts. So what does this mean for the future of YouTube short and is this a good or bad thing.

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YouTube Is Going to Add Watermark to Downloaded Shorts

YouTube starts adding watermarks to downloaded Shorts

Some people are arguing that the watermark is simply there to remind viewers on the other platforms that more of the same content exists on YouTube. Others are saying that it’s a way to get creators to prioritize producing more original content rather than relying on cross-platform sharing of the same posts.

Honestly it could be both watermarks do offer a way for platforms like YouTube to promote themselves on other apps but for Ticktockers competitors there’s also been a push for more original content on their own platforms. Instagram has already said that it would adjust its rankings to value original content more, meaning original posts would then get more attention than content repost from other apps.

A watermark that reveals that your post was reposted from another app like YouTube, could then possibly hurt that post in the rankings on Instagram. Watermarks could then in this case act as a deterrent for creators wanting to repost content from other platforms.

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The new watermark feature for YouTube shorts is expected to roll out on desktop in the next few weeks and is slated to be available on mobile over the coming months. It definitely seems like YouTube is battling to be a digital content monopoly and it’s hard to say whether this would be a good or bad thing for content creators.

On one hand it’s without question that YouTube is getting their own original content to be surfaced more on their platform driving engagement, On the other hand it could hurt crossbars from sharing of content if platforms like Instagram do indeed digest their ranking algorithms to favor less important content.

For this reason there are plenty of youtubers really don’t like the decision and can you blame them. This is their original content and YouTube seems hellbent and taking credit for it plus deterring people from being able to cross platforms share. It is this copyright infringement perhaps but if YouTube and Instagram continue down the same path of forcing content creators to create all original content on their respective platforms then they’ll be in a difficult situation soon enough.

There’s no reason to be upset about that YouTube needs far more accountability in the past. They’ve shown an almost lazy disinterest in protecting content creators and preventing copyright infringement and the least they could do is make sure that their platform isn’t contributing to it as well. But even still there are many issues for youtubers.

Beyond this they make it far too easy for fake creators to crack down on content creators who are actually producing content under the creative commons licensing as well as creators who have purchased stock footage for their videos. For example – there have been thousands of youtubers who have their channels deleted after false strikes due to fair reviews and they are rarely reinstated and they stated above YouTube is notorious for someone stealing a video and claiming it as their own. Then monetizing the content instead of getting rid of the stolen and YouTube is taking advantage of the fact that they’re a monopoly. They don’t need to care about its content creators emotions. So instead they are now penalizing them with this new watermark feature. Because apparently it’s better for YouTube if you produce all original content rather than include your YouTube channel link on other platforms.

Talk about monopoly what do you guys think about this let us know in the comments whether you think YouTube is taking things too far or if you think the watermark is no big deal

There’s no question that YouTube may be watermarking content but that won’t stop us from posting great content either. Let us know what you think about YouTube’s treatment of this matter in the comments.


short ans on How do I get rid of YouTube Shorts watermark?

To remove the watermark from your YouTube Shorts video, you can tap on the three dots on the top right corner of the video in the editing screen and select “Remove Watermark”. However, keep in mind that this feature is currently only available to YouTube Shorts creators who are part of the YouTube Partner Program and are in good standing. Additionally, according to YouTube guidelines, it is not allowed to remove the watermark for videos that were not originally created by you, doing so may lead to account suspension or termination.

Can you download Shorts on YouTube?

Yes, it is possible to download YouTube Shorts videos by using a YouTube video downloader, a browser extension or taking a screenshot or screen recording. However, downloading videos from YouTube may be against the platform’s terms of service, ensure to have the right to download any videos before doing so, also it is not legal to download copyrighted videos without permission from the creators or copyright holders.

How do I stop copyright claims on YouTube Shorts?

To avoid copyright claims on YouTube Shorts, it’s important to use only content that you have the rights to use. You can use royalty-free music, your own original content, Creative Commons licensed content, YouTube’s Audio Library, or get permission from the copyright holder before using copyrighted material in your videos. Also, familiarize yourself with the copyright laws on your region.

Can I turn off YouTube Shorts?

It’s not currently possible to turn off YouTube Shorts entirely, but you can disable the feature to not see them on your feed and search results. In the YouTube app, go to Settings > Shorts, then toggle off the option “See Shorts in search and on the Home”. This will only affect your device and on your account, and YouTube may still integrate more the Shorts in the future.

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